Best Cafés in Bergen, Norway for Digital Nomads


One of my all-time favorite destinations as a digital nomad thus far is Bergen, Norway. Bergen is super adorable, has amazing views up from Mount Ulriken and Fløyen, and many cafés (if not all) have wifi, great food and are digital-nomad friendly.

I was in Bergen for only 10 days and I chose a different café each day to explore around before going to the café for lunch and doing my work. Note that I was there in March (2017) which is not high season, so everything was quiet and there was always enough space for me to sit. Not sure what it’s like other times of the year.

I have scouted some of these on WorkFrom at the time I was there. I will provide the links to those entries so you can see all the details (incl. wifi passwords), what other people have said after (if anyone has) and leave your own review and tips.

My favorite cafés in Bergen

Let me just note that I absolutely loved all of these. Bergen can do no wrong haha. Some are better to work from and others are just unique in character that you just have to see for yourself.

The “things you can do in the area” is from a perspective where you have to work most of the day. If you had all day you could do most of it in 2-3 days. I usually just explored for an hour or two before or after work.

1. Kaffemisjonen

Kaffemisjonen Kaffemisjonen
Skansen Skansen
View from Skansen View from Skansen
Sunset view Sunset view

Kaffemisjonen is a great and comfortable café to work from. I actually found this café because I wanted to visit the book café around the corner, which turned out to be permanently closed. The staff was super friendly, the food was great, the wifi worked well, there were enough power outlets and the location is very central.

Free Wifi: Yes. 19.1 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up

Has Power: Yes, there are power outlets under the couches.

Opening Hours: 7:30AM – 6PM during the week, 10AM- 6PM on weekends

Entry on WorkFrom.

Things to see in the area: It is quite central, you could go to Bryggen and just explore around the city area or you can hike up Fløyen. After I had done some work, I walked up to where the white tall scouts building is (Skansens Bataljon & Skanseguttenes Forening on Google Maps) and watched the sunset from there which was absolutely stunning. See pictures.

I came back here several times.

2. Klosteret Kaffebar

Klosteret Kaffebar Klosteret Kaffebar
view from Klosteret Kaffebar view from Klosteret Kaffebar
Klosteret Kaffebar inside Klosteret Kaffebar inside
Klosteret Kaffebar interior Klosteret Kaffebar interior
brownie and mocha at Klosteret Kaffebar brownie and mocha at Klosteret Kaffebar
sandwich at Klosteret Kaffebar sandwich at Klosteret Kaffebar
salad at Klosteret Kaffebar salad at Klosteret Kaffebar
Knøsesmauet Knøsesmauet
Nykirken Nykirken
Nordnesparken Nordnesparken
view from Nordnesparken view from Nordnesparken

Klosteret is a super cozy vintage-style cafe that hipsters, vegetarians and vegans will love. You can sit at the window with a great view. When I was there, there was an international pub quiz event happening in the evening that I had to skip because of a work meeting. It is on the Culture Trip’s list of top vegetarian restaurants in Bergen and has several great vegan options.

Free Wifi: Yes. 3 Mbps down / 0.7 Mbps up

Has Power: Yes, but only a few.

Opening hours: 10AM – 11PM most days

Entry on WorkFrom.

Things to see in the area: the area around Klosteret is beautiful. Definitely, check out the little street marked as Knøsesmauet on Google maps, and just like explore the entire area and go all the way to the end where Nordnesparken (and the aquarium) is. The views are great, the vibe is chill, the houses are adorable and your Instagram will be on fire for the next month.

3. BarBarista

BarBarista BarBarista
BarBarista back BarBarista back
BarBarista bar BarBarista bar
BarBarista table BarBarista table
BarBarista waffles and coffee BarBarista waffles and coffee
Bryggen Bryggen
Bergenhus Fortress Bergenhus Fortress
Fortress in Bergen Fortress in Bergen

BarBarista is a unique pleasure that you absolutely cannot miss. It is chocked full with the most random, quirky shit and their Norwegian-style waffles are a must try. If you are easily distracted I am not sure if it will be the most productive of places to work from (it wasn’t an issue for me), but in that case, after having your waffles you can just head on over to Kaffemisjonen which is nearby or you can head over here for a drink after you finish your work.

Free Wifi: Yes.

Has Power: Not sure.

Opening hours: noon-midnight most days

Things to see in the area: BarBarista is right behind Bryggen and you could also check out the Bergenhus Fortress. Also see my recommendations for Kaffemisjonen.

4. Chillout Travel Cafe Bergen

Johannes Church Johannes Church
Johanneskirken Johanneskirken

You will leave this cafe with more than just a happy stomach. This is a cafe-in-a-store concept that you can also find in Oslo – they sell all the best travel related things. I bought a travel photography book here from Lonely Planet that I drag with me everywhere despite it being huge and I have still not read it. I also bought a travel towel here which is super useful. And I made a new friend here.

Besides stuff, their food is great and the staff is super friendly. Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t have any pictures of this one so you’re just gotta trust me that if you’re into travel you’re gonna love this place. Not sure about working from here though.

Free Wifi: Yes.

Has Power: Not sure.

Opening hours: 10AM-7PM most days

Things to see in the area: Johannes church. Also check out Godt Brød across the street for some great bread if you’re into bread. Other than that, Chillout is super central so you can go to any of the recommendations from the other cafes.

5. Nobel Bopel

Nobel Bopel Nobel Bopel
Nobel Bopel brunch Nobel Bopel brunch
møhlenpris area møhlenpris area
Nygårdsparken Nygårdsparken
victorian houses in Bergen victorian houses in Bergen

Nobel Bopel is unique because of its 60s/70s style. I was recommended this place by a local. I went here on the weekend around lunch time so it was super busy and I’m not sure what it’s like to work from here but the food was good (though pricey) and it was a really nice cafe so definitely look into Nopel Bopel if you’re exploring the area. Another option I was recommended for this area is Kaffebrenneri but I never made it there.

I don’t have pictures of the interior here because it was very busy and I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of people when they’re eating.

Free Wifi: Just purely based on the fact that they seem to have wifi everywhere in Bergen and Oslo I’m going to say yes, but I don’t remember for sure. It does look like I had my laptop out so I think I had to do something real quick … but I can’t remember if the wifi worked or not.

Has Power: Not sure.

Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 11 PM Thurs- Saturday, until 6PM on Sunday and closed Monday – Wednesday.

Things to see in the area: explore the colorful houses in Møhlenpris area and Nygårdsparken.



Have you visited Bergen? Let me know what your favorite cafés were and why.


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