Hi, my name is Rianne

Rianne in LisbonI’m an avid traveler- taking any opportunity I can to travel. I have been an exchange student, international student, expat, digital nomad and remote worker. At times where I couldn’t travel, I joined international student clubs like AIESEC and also lived and studied with other international students.

I am a digital marketing professional by trade, and at my current job I focus on SEO, AdWords and Social Media ads. At different times in my life I have started blogs and vlogs and have never been consistent or stuck to any of them. This website has been a long time coming. It’ll be a way to let off some creative steam, allow me some more freedom to experiment with SEO and other digital marketing things, and perhaps, for once in my life, a good account of my memories- that I hopefully won’t let die and disappear like I did my Canada blogs on travelpod last year… We’ll see how it goes. From now on, it’s all going to be on here, and as my life changes, so will the site.

This site will focus on my personal life, travels, hobbies, and quest to get my life to a place where I can adopt an Australian Shepherd. I will share with you my tips for all things travel (travel in general, travel and study, travel and work, etc.) and discuss the life questions I’m overthinking, as well as any life lessons I’ve learned. I will probably also talk about causes I’m passionate about AND, when I finally get a puppy, I probably won’t stop talking about dogs either.

Sometimes I will just write, other times there might be videos included. I have some really cool footage from some of my trips that I’m excited to share.

If you’d like more frequent and current updates on my adventures, follow me on Instagram: @rianneok 

If you are looking for SEO and other digital marketing tips, please refer to the Media Cause blog, which is where my colleagues and I share digital marketing tips with social good orgs.